Our team of qualified professionals complete all projects to the highest of standards and within the agreed time frame. We stand by our customers every step of the way to ensure all of their needs are covered.


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All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring
All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring

Woodworks Demolition and Floor Levelling Works Melbourne


At Woodworks Timber Flooring, our team will be with you from start to finish. We offer a
comprehensive floor demolition and levelling service to ensure your subfloors meet our high safety
and aesthetic standards. We can help you with demolition and floor levelling works Melbourne.

Our team removes all obstacles, including carpets, tiles, vinyl, existing overlays, and floating
floorboards. Plus, we’ll clear all the debris with our comprehensive disposal service. As always, our
commitment to customer satisfaction means that we will endeavour to remove all dirt and residue left behind after our removals.

Once all this is stripped away and disposed of, our team can begin working on your subfloor. To
ensure the best final results, we come equipped with professional tools. Whether you have
concrete, plywood, or hardwood subfloors, we spare no expense in creating a Flat surface
for your new boards.

If necessary, we’ll grind down the higher parts of the floor, and level with a self-levelling compound.
This ensures the subfloor is safe and durable, and your new boards can be laid and last for
years to come.

Choose Woodworks for Demolition And Floor Levelling Works Melbourne

We’re committed to meeting not just strict practical standards, but our own high expectations for
our crew. With years of experience with both standard and more challenging subfloors, we don’t
rest until the job is done.

  • Subfloor grinding and levelling – performed to the highest standard.
  • Complete floor preparation – clean, dry subfloor for the best results.
  • Comprehensive removal service – adhesives, or debris left behind.
  • Ready for your new timber boards – installed by our experienced team.

We know the quality of the subfloor has a huge bearing on the finished job – that’s why we ensure
our high standards are applied to every part of the floor demolition and levelling process.

Talk to Woodworks Timber Flooring Today

We’re proud of our years of experience and know that it is this hard-earned on-the-job knowledge
that our clients trust. Our commitment to top-quality workmanship begins well before we begin
laying your floor – we put the same care and detail into your subfloor too.

Choosing Woodworks for your Melbourne floor levelling and demolition project means you’re
choosing the best – backed by experience, knowledge, and dedication to the job at hand. You get all
the benefits of an expert team, here for you and your property from start to finish.

Let us handle everything – contact the Woodworks Timber Flooring team today on 0401444258 for a
free onsite quote and a chat with our Melbourne timber flooring experts or contact us here