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All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring
All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring

Woodworks Timber Floor Installation Melbourne


At Woodworks Timber Flooring, we pride ourselves and are committed to top quality workmanship,
professionalism and customer satisfaction. With these aims in mind, we offer a totally free onsite
consultation about your property and your unique needs.

This gives us an opportunity to assess any additional works that need to be completed, such as floor
demolition and levelling, and allows us to utilise our expertise to offer the best advice and support.
Whether you’d like us to install your pre-purchased floorboards, or you’d like to select from our
extensive range, the highest standards of workmanship prioritized for every job.

In addition to complete timber floor installation, we also offer floorboard repairs and staircase
overlays. At Woodworks, we truly are the timber flooring installers Melbourne families trust.



Solid timber flooring is an asset to any home.  It can be installed on battens, particle board or
plywood. Solid timber flooring is widely admired for its ability to elevate any home with undeniable class.

Our team is dedicated to the final result, so we take care while gluing or secret nailing your solid
timber floor. Once the process of laying the boards is complete, we carefully sand and polish your
new floor, ensuring its imbedded with the warm, natural glow that solid wood is famed for.

Solid Timber Supply & Installation


Engineered timber flooring
is available in pre-finished boards, perfect for the busy home and family.
The process of installing pre-finished timber flooring is easier than ever, as our boards have already
been carefully pre-coated and stained.

Pre-finished engineered timber flooring is growing in popularity, owing to its stability, moisture
resistance, and overall durability. With a variety of finishes to select from, our range of Woodworks
engineered floorboards are an asset to any home.

Engineered Timber Supply & Installation


Parquetry flooring is a high-end option for the most discerning of homeowners. The most popular
designs are chevron and herringbone, both of which add endless class and distinction to any home.

Parquetry offers an extraordinary degree of customisation, with a variety of designs carefully laid by
our experienced team. Available in both solid raw boards and engineered pre-finished boards,
parquetry will never go out of style.

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Floating floors (laminates) are a durable, economical choice for investment properties and high
traffic areas. Floating floors effectively resist the harsh effects of sunlight, scratches, and wear-and-
tear, making them an increasingly popular option for property owners and busy families alike.


 With expertise in flooring comes expertise in stairs too. At Woodworks, we can overlay your existing
staircase with solid or engineered floorboards, ensuring a perfect match for your interior.


Contact the Melbourne Timber Floor Installation Experts

At Woodworks Timber Flooring, our commitment to client satisfaction begins with our very first
meeting, and continues until your beautiful new floor is laid, sanded, and coated to our high standards.

Whether you’re choosing from our extended range of timber flooring options, or supplying your
own boards, we’re dedicated to ensuring we leave you with the floor of your dreams.

Speak to Woodworks Timber Flooring today on 0401444258 to secure your free consultation and
quote with our Melbourne timber flooring installation team or contact us here