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All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring
All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring

Timber flooring comes in two main types- Solid timber and engineered timber.

Solid timber flooring is a great option for almost any space. With its attractive finish and timeless appeal, a solid timber floor is an easy way to inject some charm into your home. With different types of wood and finishes available, you’re about to customise exactly how your floor looks and feels.

What Is Solid Timber Flooring?

The key difference between solid timber and it’s engineered counterpart is all in its name. It’s solid! Unlike other methods of flooring, solid timber features floorboards constructed of solid timber. They’re one piece of wood not made of any composite materials. Commonly seen in older, more traditional and heritage listed locations, solid timber is a noticeable difference to any discerning eye.

The process of creating the timber involves the wood being harvested, dried and then cut to size for it’s specific purpose. The nature of using authentic, solid wood means you are also able to choose the type of wood you’re using. Making sourcing local material a viable option if you’re looking to engage in a more sustainable method of production.

The Quality of The Timber Matters

Your choice of timber will have a considerable impact on the look and durability of your floor. Different types of wood can withstand different amounts of moisture and behave in their individual ways once processed. The price of the different timber will also vary depending on how easily they can be sourced.

Popular timber choices includes:

  • Spotted Gum: A tanned appearance, spotted gum is a popular choice that gives your floor a medium brown colored overall look.
  • Blackbutt: Containing hues of pink, white, and yellow, this coarser grain is a hardy choice of flooring. A quick rate of regrowth makes it a sustainable choice too.
  • Jarrah: A Medium grain and a robust, rich brown coloring remind you of the outback settings this timber is sourced from.
  • Red Ironbark
  • Tasmanian Oak: Coming from Tasmania, this wood has a uniquely lighter look. Presenting a beige, pinkish hue and a very uniform grain.
  • Bluegum: A more traditional appearance, this Australian wood has a relatively uniform grain and a light brown tone.
  • European Oak: With its straight grain pattern and lighter tones, this timber adds a restrained elegance to any room.

Solid timber floors are an investment in the future of your home. While they may seem like a higher-priced outlay, it’s important to factor their durability into your purchase decision. A solid timber floor can last over 100 years!


Solid timber floors don’t require a huge amount of regular maintenance. Basic, regular cleaning techniques should suffice on a finished floor. A small amount of a suitable cleaning product on a relatively dry mop is always the best practice. You want to get your floor dry as quickly as possible. It can be useful to use any fans or climate control methods you have available to assist with this, especially in colder months. Always remove any excess dirt and grime beforehand by hand or with a vacuum cleaner.

It’s very important to make sure any liquid spills that come into contact with the timber are cleaned up immediately. Allowing these little accidents to soak into the wood is where problems can arise.


One of the biggest appeals of a solid timber floor is that it can be sanded down multiple times to regain its smooth original finish. The exact amount will depend on the depth of the sanding and who performs it. It’s always recommended to use a professional for this process. Generally, a solid timber floor has around double the sanding lifespan of engineered timber, being sanded every 4-5 years. Proper maintenance will mean your floor will last for as long as you do!

Solid Timber Flooring At Woodworks Timber Flooring

The team at Woodworks Timber Flooring are dedicated to the best result possible for you. If you’re interested in a solid timber floor, contact us on 0401-444-258 or email contact@woodworkstimberflooring.com.au

We take pride in our work. Once the process of laying the timber is complete, we’ll carefully sand and polish your new floor. Leaving it with the warm, natural glow that solid wood is famed for.