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All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring
All Right Reserved | Woodworks Timber Flooring

There are two main types of timber flooring options- Engineered timber and solid timber floor boards.

What Is Engineered Timber?

Engineered timber flooring is a type of flooring made of a composite material. The floor boards are constructed from a veneer layer on top, made from solid hardwood timber (usually about 4mm thick) and a plywood layer underneath this. This secondary material forms the core of the plank. Plywood is made up from multiple thin layers of wood facing in different directions all compressed together. This process acts to increase stability and creates an extremely durable product.


Available in both click and tongue in groove installation systems, engineered timber flooring is a hardy finish that is relatively easy to install. All boards used at Woodworks Timber Flooring have already been carefully pre-coated and stained, simplifying the process for us and for you.


With a variety of finishes to select from, our range of engineered floorboards are growing in popularity. Their high moisture resistance and overall stability make them a good option for any busy family home.


Can Any Type of Timber Be Used For The Veneer Layer?

Yes. The veneer is made from solid timber so any types of timber commonly used in the construction of solid timber floors are generally available in engineered form.

Popular hardwood varieties include: Spotted Gum, Jarrahs and European Ash.

Just like with solid timber flooring, it’s important that the right type of timber is used for the right environment. Engineered timber is designed not to be as vulnerable as solid timber but it still has a layer of natural timber on top. Our professionals at Woodwork Timber Flooring can guide you through this process.

Pros of Engineered Timber

  • Ease of Installation: Engineered timber can be attached to most flat subfloors without top nailing. Making the process more simple than solid timber flooring.
  • Less expensive: Although still more expensive than many other flooring options, engineered timber is less expensive than solid timber flooring. Generally more cost-effective because of the easier installation methods and types of materials used. Great value for money if you want a refined look without choosing solid timber.
  • Maintenance: Easier to clean and repair than solid timber.
  • More eco-friendly: The wood used to create the plywood core is made from fast-growing trees that are easily replaced. This means they’re a more sustainable flooring option.
  • Pre-finished: The boards come pre-cut and stained to whatever customizations you’ve decided on. Saving time in the whole process.
  • Durability: Engineered flooring is made to last. They’re designed to hold up better in different levels of moisture and humidity than solid timber because they have been scientifically engineered in this way. They won’t expand or shrink as drastically as a solid timber floor can in the wrong environment.
  • Underfloor Heating: Engineered timber can be used with underfloor heating system unlike solid timber flooring.

Cons of Engineered Timber

  • Not Scratch Resistant: Flooring can be subject to wear and tear just like any timber flooring. Regular maintenance is required.
  • Not Completely Waterproof: While water resistant, any form of timber flooring is still not as waterproof as vinyl, laminate or tile.
  • Lower sanding lifespan: With a much thinner layer of real timber than a solid timber floor, the amount of times an engineered floor can be sanded down is noticeably reduced. While this is generally about half the amount of times as solid timber, the durability of an engineered product means you can afford to sand less often. Resulting in a good value lifespan for the product still.

Where Can I Have An Engineered Timber Floor?

Anywhere where timber flooring of any kind is suitabilt is fine. Engineered flooring can be a popular choice for with its compatibility with subfloor heating options.

It really depends on your preferences and budget as to where abouts in your house you want to install engineered timber flooring.


All wood flooring needs to be looked after. Any spills should be cleaned up and dried immediately to ensure liquid does not soak in. Regular use of suitable cleaning products can help the floor look as good as possible at all times.

Engineered Timber Flooring At Woodworks Timber Flooring

If you’d like to discuss engineered timber flooring as an option in your home or office, contact us on 0401-444-258 or email contact@woodworkstimberflooring.com.au

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